Hardwood Floor Installation

Proper installation of your hardwood floors is the foundation of a trouble-free floor. All Wood Floorcraft is in a class alone due to the unique and distinctive position with our founder, Mr. Richard Conway, Hardwood Floor Master Craftsman and the only fully Certified Installation, Sand & Finish Professional in North Carolina. It is his training and experience combined with a total commitment to excellence that will ensure that your floor will be done correctly the first time.

The hardwood floor professional has the ultimate responsibility for approving jobsite conditions required for a correct installation. It is the wood floor professional that tests jobsite conditions to determine if proper conditions exist. Wood is hygroscopic which means hardwood flooring will absorb and release moisture as it is a natural product and moisture is the primary cause of flooring problems. As such, the hardwood floor professional will test and record moisture, temperature and humidity conditions which must meet industry standards prior to, during installations and until the jobsite becomes occupied. The purpose is to eliminate or minimize any factors that may have a negative effect on your hardwood floor.

Monitor or Humidity
Humidity/Temperature Monitoring

We employ the very latest in testing equipment to precisely evaluate the jobsite conditions and environment where the hardwood floor will be installed. We are pleased to advise on how to achieve the necessary conditions if they don't meet required minimums or exceed maximums.

If moisture or humidity is excessive, our new, High Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier is capable of removing 320 pints of moisture daily. This is also helpful if water from plumbing, roofing or other leaks has damaged your existing floors.

In addition to traditional installations, we are pleased to offer ornamental designs in your floors, either simple or ornate. We would be pleased to discuss your design plans regarding species, patterns, grades and sizes for your flooring. We have access to hardwood flooring mills not only locally but nationally so we can provide the best wood flooring for your particular application.

Before Installation

During Installation

After Installation