We Make Repairs Invisible

Our hardwood floors will last for centuries and look good doing it however, on the rare occasion, something will happen and damage will occur to the floor. It can be as small as a scratch across a single board from a child’s toy. It could be damage from a catastrophic water leak or a small spill. It could come from a piece of heavy furniture drug across the floor or an appliance repairman moving an appliance without proper protection for the floor.

Sometimes it comes in the form of insect damage; the most common are termites or powder post beetles. It could be from an existing hole in the floor from an antique heating system. It could be holes from heating pipes, water pipes, electrical wiring or even from years of abuse from a prior tenant.

Occasionally, in the midst of remodeling, the dimension of a room will change, walls will be moved, counters will change shape and size and an open bare spot now exists in a highly visible area.

Do not despair, All Wood Floorcraft and its founder, Master Craftsman Richard Conway will make those damaged areas become invisible. Our repairs are “invisible repairs’. What that means is our repairs will not be distinguishable from the surrounding flooring. They will not be identifiable by nail holes, color changes, grade or grain changes. They will blend right in.

Sometimes we must locate flooring from the same era as the existing flooring in order to gain a match in grain and patina. New wood does not blend in with older wood. The grain is different, the patina different and a repair without proper matching, is as noticeable as the original damaged flooring. Our contacts around the country allow us to locate the right age flooring to affect an invisible repair. It is not just a stain color match that makes an “Invisible Repair”.